Our sugar cane and detox juices are grown organically then hand crafted to retain the potency of the many nutrients and minerals they contain


Raw Cane SuperJuice is...

  • a revolution against processed foods and refined sugar.
  • a counter-movement to conventional food systems weakening humanity and the Earth.
  • a convenient alternative to the mass produced and over-processed lifestyles we’re constantly confronted with.
  • a way to strengthen ourselves and increase our quality of life: happiness, growth, awareness, health, energy, stamina, vitality , longevity.
  • a chemical-free, non-genetically modified, pure food that heals and restores our bodies.
  • a healthy, raw, natural, un-altered, living, whole plant food that might just change your life.
  • an investment in sustainable & self-sufficient forms of economy: fair trade, local financial growth, eco-sustainability, California small agriculture biz’s: namely, family-owned, no-corporate, chemical-free / bio-diverse farms.
  • a minimal-waste, cyclic business: compostable & recyclable containers & serviceware. post-juice cane waste is donated to local growers for compost and home-made bio-fuel.

"We cold press raw juices in small batches, including cane grass, at our juice bar in Hollywood, and deliver them to customers and retailers all over the U.S. 

We are the ONLY company that ships truly unaltered raw cane juice. Our products are not H.P.P. (high pressure processed), a so-called "raw" technique of extending the refrigerated life of juices without heat. H.P.P applies tons of pressure to the juice, smashing the live molecules in raw products so bacterias  (including positive probiotics) cannot grow. In the end, the nutritional profile is altered and most importantly, the low glycemic magic of the sweet juice is nullified. 
  • Our hand-harvested sugarcane stalks are organically grown by California, non-corporate family-owned farms. It takes up to 16 months to grow a crop, making these primordial stalks one of the most nutrient-dense grasses you'll ever consume! 
  • And fresh cane juice is not "evaporated cane juice". That's another tricky name for sugar - isolated sugars made from removing all the naturally-occurring nutrients that help our bodies metabolize the sugarcane stalk. 
  • Raw Cane Juice is sister to wheatgrass, bamboo & spirulina!  These are all grasses- the most powerful amino acid rich (protein builders) superfoods found on our planet!"