Our sugar cane and detox juices are grown organically then hand crafted to retain the potency of the many nutrients and minerals they contain


Raw Cane SuperJuice is...

  • a revolution against processed foods and refined sugar.
  • a counter-movement to conventional food systems weakening humanity and the Earth.
  • a convenient alternative to the mass produced and over-processed lifestyles we’re constantly confronted with.
  • a way to strengthen ourselves and increase our quality of life: happiness, growth, awareness, health, energy, stamina, vitality , longevity.
  • a chemical-free, non-genetically modified, pure food that heals and restores our bodies.
  • a healthy, raw, natural, un-altered, living, whole plant food that might just change your life.
  • an investment in sustainable & self-sufficient forms of economy: fair trade, local financial growth, eco-sustainability, California small agriculture biz’s: namely, family-owned, no-corporate, chemical-free / bio-diverse farms.
  • a minimal-waste, cyclic business: compostable & recyclable containers & serviceware. post-juice cane waste is donated to local growers for compost and home-made bio-fuel.