Our sugar cane and detox juices are grown organically then hand crafted to retain the potency of the many nutrients and minerals they contain


Raw Cane SuperJuice is...

  • a revolution against processed foods and refined sugar.
  • a counter-movement to conventional food systems weakening humanity and the Earth.
  • a convenient alternative to the mass produced and over-processed lifestyles we’re constantly confronted with.
  • a way to strengthen ourselves and increase our quality of life: happiness, growth, awareness, health, energy, stamina, vitality , longevity.
  • a chemical-free, non-genetically modified, pure food that heals and restores our bodies.
  • a healthy, raw, natural, un-altered, living, whole plant food that might just change your life.
  • an investment in sustainable & self-sufficient forms of economy: fair trade, local financial growth, eco-sustainability, California small agriculture biz’s: namely, family-owned, no-corporate, chemical-free / bio-diverse farms.
  • a minimal-waste, cyclic business: compostable & recyclable containers & serviceware. post-juice cane waste is donated to local growers for compost and home-made bio-fuel.






So why isn't raw cane juice more accessible everywhere?

In order to keep Raw Cane Superjuice a diabetic and candida friendly pure grass, instead of a refined addictive sugar, each stalk is harvested one cut at a time and roller pressed individually, which truly makes for a labor of love! 

The nutrients and enzymes in raw cane juice are delicate. Other companies treat their juice with pressure or heat, and still call it "raw." We don't believe it is. We believe a raw product is untreated by heat or pressure, because both disrupt and destroy the living parts of the juice. The only way to preserve the integrity and health benefits of raw cane juice is to freeze it properly. We have our own technique for this, refined over many years of crafting our juices.