We live in a toxic world. Chemicals are released into our environments by the tens of thousands each day. Our bodies have organs and systems to help us survive these conditions, but they can quickly build up a residue of them. We are most at risk from the food and drinks we consume. It is helpful to give the body's organs a chance to rest and release from time to time. Detoxing can be a long out breath for the body and a good strategy for caring for ourselves long-term.

Detox cleanses and the Master Cleanse are two ways to detox properly.
This website has a lot of information on them along with these helpful links:


Thank you for the wonderful sugar cane detox. I have just completed my 2nd fast - making a total weight loss 46 pounds. Which is the smallest I have been since high school. I've 20 more to go & plan on getting started by the beginning of the year. This is great, so easy, so tasty and you make it the easiest to do. Thanks for your great service & fantastic juices. 

--Love CC  - Silver Lake

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