Our bodies come in contact with tens of thousands of toxins and chemicals, and while our physical organs and systems are here to help us survive these conditions, they can quickly build up a residue of them. The greatest risks come from the food and drinks we consume. It is helpful to give the body's organs a chance to rest and release from time to time. Occasional fasting is a good strategy for caring for ourselves, and the release that comes with it brings many long-term benefits.

Any fast should be undertaken only after consulting your doctor, and it is very important to keep plenty of water moving through you. Proper hydration, not only helps with the cleansing and clearing, but it is also essential for your physical safety during your fast.

Many Eastern traditions make use of raw juice from cane grass stalks, because of its natural cleansing ability. Detox cleanses and the Master Cleanse are two ways to fast properly using natural ingredients. This website has a lot of information on them along with these helpful links:

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If you're cleansing, here are some supplies that can make your cleanse a lot simpler- they all contain juice from raw cane grass which is used in the East to cleanse the body.