The Raw Cane Juice Revolution

Many people face aliments and conditions brought on by the unhealthily food choices confronting them wherever they look. In 2007 we set out to help people heal themselves with the best possible alternatives nature has already created.

Robby's Story

I've chewed cane growing up in Kwazulu, South Africa, but never heard of cane juice. In the summer of 2006, I had my first "guarapo" (sugarcane juice) at a Cuban festival here, in Echo Park (Los Angeles). While waiting in the long line, people explained how good it is for men's health and vitality. Eventually I got my cup of cane juice on ice. It was a hot day and let me tell you, that juice was delicious and refreshing. I shared it with my girl, Rey. When it got to the end of the cup I went straight in the line again. Rey, who was born on a cane island, Taiwan and had spent time in Cuba, says the Cubans are crazy for the stuff and that "guarapo" (fresh cane juice) is a lifestyle, a daily ritual there. Right about this same time, I was diagnosed with pre-Diabetes. I had to cut all refined sugars and carbs from my diet. What a challenge!

        Fresh cane juice became my
        cure from pre-Diabetes

I learned to decode the word for "refined sweetness" in every ingredient label: high fructose corn syrup, agave syrup, Splenda, Xylitol, brown rice syrup, "evaporated cane juice", maltodextrin, etc. A sea of cover-up words for refined, processed, isolated and chemically-engineered sweetness...this stuff was killing me, I couldn't eat or drink (all those liters of pasteurized fruit juices included!) most things in the market, raw cane juice and low glycemic fresh fruits became my replacement for all my sweet desires. Fresh cane juice became my cure from pre-Diabetes. So how come you can't buy this juice anywhere? It's delicious, nutritious, alkalizing, raw and 100% grass. It has great health benefits (loaded with chlorophyll, enzymes, minerals and proteins), a super low Glycemic Index, and contains only 15% natural sugars! So there you have it, the beginnings of Rey and Robby's Raw Cane SuperJuice.

Rey's Story

After going through the ingredients of the food on our market shelves, it's not hard to see that most of them contain processed sugars and engineered sweeteners, even if it's a product that seems like the last thing it needs is more sweetness added to it. Now we read all labels, and if it has hfcs or refined sugars it stays out of our stomachs. Not only do we drink raw cane juice, we use it as our primary sweetener and guess what? Robby's lost 30 lbs. and is no longer pre-diabetic! Raw Cane SuperJuice has started our own little revolution against refined sugars.

    Robby's lost 30 lbs. and is
    no longer pre-diabetic!

You see, refined sugar and processed sweeteners are pretty much guilty for the wave of sugar diabetes sweeping across the human race. We’re re-introducing a healthy, non-fat, raw source of sweetness back into the diet, the way Nature intended.



Fresh-pressed cane juice: a pure and raw way to hydrate and renew.

Raw cane juice: nourishment, anti-oxidant, internal cleanser and energizer.

Raw cane juice: an unrefined, unprocessed, and complete superfood.

Raw Cane SuperJuice: a naturally healing way of life.