Raw cleansing is a way of healing and revitalizing the body. Because we are exposed to toxins in our foods and environments our body systems and organs cane build up toxic residue that can lead to illness and premature aging. Raw cleansing can give the body's organs a chance to rest and release. There are two main approaches:

Raw Diet

Consuming raw, living foods whenever possible, and always in the first couple days of a cleanse, nourishes the body with vital nutrients that are often destroyed or compromised when food is cooked. When on a raw diet it is important to be sure and consume plenty of organic fruits and vegetables, but remember to include nuts and raw legumes for protein (this includes raw almond butter!) It is also important to drink pure or highly filtered water.

Juice Cleansing

There are lots of raw fruit juices you can drink when cleansing, but it's helpful to drink juice that has cleansing and revitalizing qualities. We of course prefer raw cane juice from raw cane grass stalks; it has been used for centuries in many healing traditions for precisely this purpose.

Detox cleanses and the Master Cleanse are two other ways to detox properly. 
This website has a lot of information on those along with these helpful links:

If you're cleansing, here are some supplies that can make your cleanse a lot simpler- they all contain juice from raw cane grass which is used in the East to cleanse the body.