Our goal is to get your order to you at the lowest possible cost. Because of it's weight and the raw, perishable quality of the nutrients, we ship frozen two day delivery. We have negotiated these rates with FedEx to bring the price down as low as possible--we don't mark them up to profit by them.

The nutrients and enzymes in raw cane juice are delicate. Other companies treat their juice with pressure or heat, and still call it "raw." We don't believe it is. We believe a raw product is untreated by heat or pressure, because both disrupt and destroy the living parts of the juice. The only way to preserve the integrity and health benefits of raw cane juice is to freeze it properly. We have our own technique for this, refined over many years of crafting our juices.

Because we ship it frozen, we deliver Fed Ex 2 Day to maintain its quality. There are several shipping zones based on your distance from our juice bar in Los Angeles. When you enter your zip code in the cart or at check out, your zone and shipping rate will appear. 

Your health and support is important to us, please let us know if we can answer any questions!

--Rey and Robby owners of Raw Cane SuperJuice

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