Today, the Detox Elixir made the migrain move along and out the top of my head. It’s better this morning

and just on the right temple. The toxins are being released from my head! I enjoyed the extra energy and clarity the first 3 days.

Yesterday and today I’m feeling like it’s all trying to come out…so by Sunday I should feel awesome!    –Jean


Jean - West Hollywood


Thank you for the wonderful sugar cane detox. I have just completed my 2nd fast – making a total weight loss 46 pounds. Which is the smallest I have been since high school. I’ve 20 more to go & plan on getting started by the beginning of the year. This is great, so easy, so tasty and you make it the easiest to do. Thanks for your great service & fantastic juices.  –Love CC

C.C. - Silverlake

The green will root us sturdily like green grasses and trees planted deep in the soil…and yes just like sugar cane.

Cane contains the energy of tropical vibrations, rising erect toward the blazing sun like an evolved human being’s spinal cord. Its joints tell of incremental growth. Its presence in history pre-dates the majority of our planet’s written history. Its place in nearly everyone on earth’s life, day in and day out is unmatched by any other substance besides water. Yet when we dry the juice…it’s brown sugar. There lays the soil and grass color coding. Green/Brown Sweetheart…

Green is also the color for the thymus gland heart chakra (usually depicted as both green and pink).

In Chinese medicine the sweet flavor is associated with the spleen, pancreas, stomach sphere of activity and its channel pathway internally and externally. In the old times of Chinese medicine before communism, there was a system of thought known as the ‘Earth School’ . In the context of TCM theory, the spleen system is responsible for formulating the blood. This blood is then stored by the Liver.

(Treatise on the Spleen and Stomach: A Translation of the Pi Wei Lun)

—Daniel H.

Daniel - Culver City


Superjuice, straight up, on the rocks!  Superjuice with a splash of lime…give me more of that superjuice…superjuice is super super!    –bebettes morales


Bebettes - Beverly Hills


Two of us have been using the sugar cane cleanse, diluted with water, so that a bottle lasts a full day or about a day and a half. Both of us have yet to feel hungry. After a head ache on the first night, I have been energetic, clear and productive. A tooth ache went immediately. I’m sleeping better than I usually do and waking up refreshed. I tire at night (around 9-10). This has been good because it’s encouraged me to go to sleep when I’m tired which has helped get me on a more natural schedule. More importantly, I’m more joyful and positive than I’ve been in a while. This has been a gift!

Thank you, Gabrielle

Gabrielle - Santa Monica


You gave me a sampler of your juice last Sunday. I told you that I had been a Diabetic for over 20 years. I had my insulin that morning. When I got home at 7 p.m., my blood sugar level was a whopping 460. Then I drank the half pint of juice, which is really suicide for me! At 10:16, I rechecked my blood sugar levels and IT CAME DOWN to 453. I must tell you, that this is very, very promising to me. In all actually, my sugar levels should’ve gone through the roof. If you juice can help me, IT CAN AND WILL HELP ANYBODY!!! Thanks for allowing me to try this out.        — <3 Michelle

Michelle - Hollywood

Just recently I got off the ten-day raw cane juice (cleanse). It went Extremely well, the easiest and longest diet I’ve every been on. Previously I have been on one-to-two day cleanse. I was never hungry on this ten-day fast. I maintained good energy and was very alert. Surprisingly I lost Ten pounds, a pound a day, which was an added bonus. Over all, a great experience! I’m looking forward to September, my 75th birthday, when I plan to do it again.   — Joe Barth

Joe Barth - Los Feliz, California