A seven plus day cleanse can deeply detox the body and transform your cravings--even your life, but to receive the full benefits you want to do it right. 

It is important to start by consuming only raw, living fruits and vegetables that haven't been cooked or processed for at least two days. Salads (without dressing), fruit, raw nuts can be key ingredients. Get creative--it's a great time to create fruit smoothies, and combine fruit with raw almond butter for protein.

When you start your seven day cleanse you will assume a liquid diet that includes the following:

  1. Salt water flush: In the morning, mix 2 tsp. of uniodized sea salt into 1 quart of filtered or alkalized water (preferably, luke warm: body temperature). It takes up to one hour for our body to eliminate and you will need to be convenient to a restroom.
  2. (Raw Cane) Detox Elixir™: Daily. When using the Detox Elixir™, the general rule is to mix a quart (32 oz.) of Detox to 3 parts filtered water (makes one gallon of fasting liquid).  This is your nutrition for the day. The ingredients in the Detox Elixir™ serve as an internal cleanser, sloughing off the waste in our intestines, liver and kidneys. Furthermore, the juice tonifies the kidneys throughout the fasting period.  *(For concentrated amino acids, some prefer to drink Detox Elixir™ straight up without mixing it with water. This is fine as long as you drink 3/4 gallon of water in between. As a general rule, one should intake a gallon of liquid for each day of cleansing.)
  3. Elimination tea: Every evening, steep a cup of senna tea or "Smooth Move". This is your nightly laxative. * Elimination is essential to the safety and success of this cleanse. Without step 1 and 3, you could experience harmful results from waste back-up (i.e. hives, migraines, flu-like symptoms, lack of energy, etc.).
  4. Breaking the Fast: The day after you end your fast must be devoted to rebuilding the acids in your stomach. Master Cleanser says to drink raw orange juice all day. We prefer sipping a quart (over the day) of fresh-pressed Alkalizer Tonic™ (raw cane juice™, raw lime & lemon juice, chlorophyll) as a low glycemic, highly alkalizing alternative.

When you break the fast, try to refrain from eating during the day. If you must, consume simple, raw vegetables and fruits. In the evening, begin introducing light foods, such as vegetable broth. Stick with raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and sprouted grains for as long as you wish.

*And as always, a cleanse or fast is something to discuss with your doctor before you begin--Particularly one of this length. People with pregnancy or health conditions may want to wait before cleansing.

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